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About Shchuchyn flying school

Shchuchyn is a town of aviators. From the middle of the 60th there was running life of military aviation, the meteoric rises of the aircrafts on a forcing filled the sky with a roar of turbines.

Carrying on traditions of the city of aviators on the second of December 2014 was opened flying school, based on association «Tochnyj» in Shchuchyn. There you can find landing place 1500*50m (surfaced) with courses 360°/180°. Coordinates 53°35'55"AD; 024°45'54"EL. There is a airplane shed.



PYA AA «Tochnyj» is preparing pilots, recreational pilots, presents pilots in Department of Aviation in Republic of Belarus for receiving, prolonging of pilot certificates.

Is holding technical assessment of aircrafts with further provision in Department of Aviation for receiving, prolonging airworthiness certificates, their registration.

On the base of PYA AA «Tochnyj» are carried out: maintenance of aircraft, dismantle of aviation engines with the subsequent delivery to aircraft repair factory, installation of the serviceable engine on the aircraft, with the subsequent factory warranty, departure to the location of aircraft.



PYA AA «Tochnyj» in Shchuchyn provides starting training on ultralight aircrafts and trainings for pilot amateurs on light planes.

After physical examination applicant enters «Tochnyj», Shchuchyn, undergo theoretical and practical training. After the end of theoretical part is issued Certificate of completion of courses with the issuance of the pilot's license. Training is provided on airplanes from 18 years, starting training on ultralight gliders for teenagers.

Our planes


Socata Rallye 150.